One Million Arab Women

After years of conflict, today we have millions of internally and externally displaced Arab women, struggling each day to cope with the striving horrors they did not choose to see or face. Our 20 year plan is to reach One Million Arab women, by collaborating with universities and different institutions to establish a Masters curriculum in Drama Therapy and increase the number of Drama Therapists in the Arab world. Our aim is to educate and train 600+ Drama Therapists and facilitators in 20 years, so they can train women in their cultures, in their language, and their communities. By supporting and empowering women, we believe they can change those around them to the better, as we hope to spread our message to all women across the Arab world.

The Need for Expansion/ Future goals

As war and social issues continue to ravage the fabric of Arab societies, the inevitable need for targeted psychological support grows with it. Intisar Foundation is working towards expanding its efforts in all Arab countries by developing the field of Drama Therapy.

We can reach One Million Arab women by implementing several strategic goals that will start by collaborations across several fields of academia, social work and civil society.

We plan to expand our reach through three distinct areas:

  • Scholarships and Training of Trainers (ToT)

  • Technical Committee

  • Arab World Alliance of Drama Therapists