Art psychotherapy is a group therapy approach that uses creative outlets like painting, collaging and clay work for therapeutic purposes. The sessions provide a chance to express repressed emotions in a safe and controlled environment, improve self-esteem and discovering previously hidden aspects within themselves.  This process promotes a greater understanding of one’s emotions, allowing for positive change to take place.

Our Art psychotherapy programs are based around small groups who work closely together over a period of 3 months. The main focus is on developing personal tools to deal with emotions and finding hope and happiness through expressive activities. As a charitable foundation, Intisars foundation provides these sessions for free to all its beneficiaries.


By bringing together colors...

By bringing together colors, textures and abstract ideas, our programs can help in providing a gentle outlet to non-verbal and unexplored feelings. It allows for a deeper level of understanding one’s self and one’s experiences


By encouraging sponetouety...

By encouraging sponetouety, exploration and playing with art supplies, art psychotherapy gives its participants a sense of freedom, relaxation and a non-judgemental experience. It provides a healthy coping skill, alleviates negative feelings and stress, and gives control over one’s own expressions.