Drama Therapy is a multi-modality approach that uses expressive drama techniques to aid self-exploration and self-expression as a means of psychological healing. Drama therapy is often used in a group setting, which allowed for a domino effect, in which several forthcoming women emboldened the rest of the group to open up about their experiences.

Our Drama Therapy program focuses on releasing tension held within the body using dance and movement and tackling traumatic memories through acting and character development as a form of storytelling by proxy. Hailed as an inclusive approach, Drama Therapy can be an effective tool for women to overcome their post and pre-war trauma. As a charitable organization, Intisar foundation provides these sessions free of cost to all its beneficiaries.

What is Drama Therapy

Our programs offer an extensive 3 months long program in which the beneficiaries are provided weekly 3-hour sessions. Following the initial 12 weeks, monthly sessions are offered to ensure participants still have a place to address their ongoing psychological issues and sustain positive impact.

Why we use Drama Therapy

Drama Therapy is a very gentle yet effective approach that uses theatrical techniques to facilitate catharsis and improve social skills. Drama Therapy allows participants to release deeply held emotions and trauma while gaining confidence and becoming empowered. Our programs are held in a group setting, which creates a support group and instills a sense of community among the participants


Drama Therapy uses acting, character development, screenplay writing and a variety of theater-based techniques that provide their participants with the tools necessary to understand and approach their distress adequately. It gives each participant a voice and a presence; by giving them an active role within their group. Drama Therapy develops personal communication skills and builds on previously acquired social skills.


Drama Therapy facilitates catharsis, provides bonding experiences and encourages openness with its participants. It is an effective tool for tackling psychological distress by providing a safe space for its participants to be vulnerable. Drama Therapy improves mind-body awareness, expands perspectives and builds inter- and intra- personal relationships through shared experiences.