Darkness to Brightness

Living through a war can deprive its survivors of the simplest forms of joy. Living with permanent loss of loved ones, a completely shattered life, and the absence of all dreams in the constant struggle for basic living conditions is a difficult feat. In those circumstances, happiness and well-being are forgone for utility and endurance. Our programs give women a few hours a week to be spontaneous, creative and in the presence of a common goal for healing together.


There is not one particular facet in our programs that help the beneficiaries feel joy again, it is a subjective experience for each one of them. Whether it is the artistic expression, freedom to speak about previously hidden aspects of their lives or the chance to dance, many of the participants are finally allowed to find joy in their daily lives

Light & Dark

Samah is a 45 year old kindergarten teacher living in Shatila Refugee Camp in Beirut, Lebanon. Having lived through a war and exile, she lost some of her passion for life and her work. After joining Intisar Foundation’s Drama Psychotherapy program, she became more confident and found a new hope for her future. Our programs are designed to give each woman a sense of self love and time for self-care.