Intisar Foundation is a charity foundation that provides psychological support to women affected by war and women victim of violence. We provide to Arab women a gentle, culturally sensitive, and non-stigmatizing approaches to mental health care. We do so through group Drama Psychotherapy programs that target women affected by war in refugee dense areas.


We believe that women are the cornerstone of every household and the material that holds communities together. Hence focusing our efforts on women, as we believe they will instill this positive change within their families and communities at large.


Our programs are impactful and effective in alleviating war trauma. We offer group therapy of 12 weekly sessions over three months for each group of women. Each group is no more than 20 women, giving each participant enough time to space to heal properly. Following this, the participants are invited to attend ongoing monthly sessions that provide the support and continuity needed to sustain their personal growth and healing process. This unique model is the first of its kind, developed by Intisar Foundation, to ensure effective and sustained psychological improvement for the beneficiaries.


Our programs have helped women overcome depression, anxiety, and trauma related to their war and post-migration conditions. They also create a sense of community among the participants and build a network of supportive and understanding peers.


You can help by donating to Intisar Foundation, contributing to our mission of healing and empowering One Million Arab Women. By donating to Intisar Foundation, you are helping us reach one more woman in need of psychological support, implementing more programs to reach more communities, and planting one more smile on an Arab woman’s face.