Empowering Women

Self-confidence is oftentimes shattered as a result of war and post-migration life. Refugee women can experience marginalized, discrimination and cultural bereavement, all of which can all negatively affect their self-concept, self-efficacy and self-confidence.


Our programs empower their beneficiaries by providing them with a space to safely explore and express themselves, surrounded by empathetic and similar individuals. The activities used during the sessions will often help the women rediscover their own identities and strengthen their self-belief.


By giving these women a chance to realize their innate strength, Intisars foundation empowers women, encouraging them to become more active within their communities.

Empowering Women

Halima is a 31-year old mother of two living in Shatila Refugee Camp in Beirut, Lebanon. Her journey in escaping war and rebuilding her life has left her with pent-up anger that affected her daily behavior. She was able to overcome these her emotional problems and regain her composure when she joined Intisars Foundation’s Drama therapy program. Our programs provide women with the tools necessary to help them overcome previous trauma and deal with new challenges as they may arise.