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02 October 2019

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A Room To Speak

A Room To Speak

Speak with Impact: Heal your trauma through Drama Therapy 

“They gave me room to speak,” said Fatima one of our million Arab women goal. Fatima, one of our beloved beneficiaries, used to be fully spirited with courage, energy and lively determined to draw her path on where she wanted to go and reach. The ongoing post-war trauma left Fatima lost, shy and vulnerable to persist in living with the struggles and the inevitable challenges of life. 


“I was lost, my physical, mental, spiritual and emotional soul was in a post of negligence and carelessness,” said Fatima. She was unable to understand this behavior, she would also find herself getting angry without any provocation. Her feelings were oppressed and undesirable to the outer community yet her role as a household wife was failing. 


She carried the resentment with her all through her adult life. “I wanted to reduce the amount of pain and soreness. I felt my internal pressure started to weigh me down.” 


Hailed as an inclusive approach, our work in Drama Therapy focuses on the dramatic self-presentation, releasing tension held within the body and tackling traumatic memories through acting. This method is conducted in a group session where participants can act out a situation from their life, which has left them vulnerable, defenseless, and angry. 


“I strongly regret not knowing how to deal with trauma before. Intisars Foundation gave me the room to speak and express my emotions openly without any judgemental thoughts. It helped me relax in numerous situations and regain control over my life,” says Fatima. 


Drama therapy helps in making it possible to see the situation from other perspectives while acting it out. Fatima needed a hand or someone to come and help her regain her human identity, which was lost in the eyes of her children. “I forgot myself, I forgot how I feel and act when I’m happy. I needed to be saved by someone or anyone.” 


Drama therapy is an effective tool for women to overcome the embodied trauma held inside. By releasing all the tension those women can restore peace and inner harmony to recover from the effects and regain power through the discharge of their internalized violent feelings.


“I knew it within me but never wanted to say it out loud. It makes me proud to phrase and say willingly that I was self-lost and hopeless. In truth, therapy especially drama therapy, had helped me undergo a tremendous change and kept a trace of a strong social support network behind me,” says Fatima. 

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