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7 Dec

Interview with Samar Dudin

Regional Director and Head of Programmes at Ruwwad   ” The Intisar Foundation drama therapy sessions were held in a safe, private part of our community center in East Amman… I remember how HH Sheikha Intisar stepped forward and coached one of the women to raise her voice, take the stance, even to shout out […]


2 Nov

Interview with Dr. Lina Haddad Kreidie

Advisor at the Technical Committee of Intisar Foundation   “We at Intisar Foundation urge the world to know that Arab women are no longer to be seen as mere victims but shall be empowered to become change makers who help develop their communities and create a more sustainable Peace environment in their countries.”   How […]


7 Sep

Interview with H.E. Christian Nakhlé

Board Member, Intisar Foundation   “There is the need to act and not just condemn”   H.E. Christian Nakhlé is an Ambassador (on leave) and the Chairman of Suez & Levant Consultancy.   “Intisar Foundation has greatly contributed to improving the self-esteem of those women who now feel safe in an environment that improves their […]


6 Sep

Interview with Marianne Kafena

Board Member, Intisar Foundation   Marianne Kafena is a Partner at Harbottle & Lewis LLP.   “Every woman who can find healing through drama therapy can also share that new voice within her family and in her wider community. Empowering women in this way makes each a true agent for healing change in a region […]


5 Sep

Interview with Dr. Nora Berra

HE Nora Berra, French physician, formerly elected at the European Parliament (2009-2014), former French Minister for Seniors (2009-2010) and former French Minister for Health (2010-2012).     “Art and drama therapy approaches are not widely used in Arab countries, and therefore we need to honor and congratulate Intisar Foundation for having invested in it for […]