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7 Sep

Interview with H.E. Christian Nakhlé

Board Member, Intisar Foundation   “There is the need to act and not just condemn”   H.E. Christian Nakhlé is an Ambassador (on leave) and the Chairman of Suez & Levant Consultancy.   “Intisar Foundation has greatly contributed to improving the self-esteem of those women who now feel safe in an environment that improves their […]


6 Sep

Interview with Marianne Kafena

Board Member, Intisar Foundation   Marianne Kafena is a Partner at Harbottle & Lewis LLP.   “Every woman who can find healing through drama therapy can also share that new voice within her family and in her wider community. Empowering women in this way makes each a true agent for healing change in a region […]


5 Sep

Ayyat’s story

  “We had to flee to Lebanon to preserve our lives”   Ayyat, 30 Palestinian-Syrian refugee Married,  mother of 5 Unemployed Lives in Shatila refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon   “The smallest things used to make me angry, often to the point that I behaved very negatively. For example, I would often hit my children when […]


5 Sep

Interview with Dr. Nora Berra

HE Nora Berra, French physician, formerly elected at the European Parliament (2009-2014), former French Minister for Seniors (2009-2010) and former French Minister for Health (2010-2012).     “Art and drama therapy approaches are not widely used in Arab countries, and therefore we need to honor and congratulate Intisar Foundation for having invested in it for […]


4 Sep

Rajaa’s story

“I used to spend most of my time crying”   Rajaa, 50 Lebanese Divorced Single caretaker of a son with mental health issues Unemployed Lives in Beirut, Lebanon   “When my friends first advised me to join the Intisar Foundation drama therapy programme, they knew I had reached a state of helplessness. I was so exhausted mentally […]


3 Sep

Rose’s story

  “The weight of the secrets that I carry has now subsided”   Rose, 53 Lebanese Widow,  mother of 3 Artisan Lives in Beirut, Lebanon   “I now believe that if we do not talk about our troubles they will never get resolved. There were many things that I had never shared with anyone, but I was […]


2 Sep

Ruwayda’s story

  “I have a constant feeling of fear about life”   Ruwayda, 40 Lebanese Mother of 4 Unemployed Lives in Tripoli, Lebanon   “After the foundation’s drama therapy programme, I felt as if I was born again as a completely new and different person.”   “I have a stronger personality and now have friends who care […]


1 Sep

Fatima’s story

  “I have started to breathe and feel more”   Fatima, 42 Syrian Divorced,mother of 4 Entrepreneur Lives in Burj El Barjne Beirut, Lebanon   “When I was in Syria, I had a certain social status. I was a financially independent business woman. Yet, when the war happened, I became just a refugee.”   Fatima […]


31 Aug

Spread The Word: Our Fundraising Campaigns

Intisar Foundation has launched two fundraising campaigns – on Go Fund Me and Global Giving platforms – to support its efforts in providing psychological support through drama therapy to Arab women traumatised by war and violence. Aiming to raise €40,000 through two campaigns, Intisar Foundation will use the funds to reach its One Million Arab […]