The only Foundation focused on providing

Drama Therapy

to Women Affected By War


Empowerment belongs to Arab women. Peace belongs to the Arab world.

Our founder HH Sheikha Intisar AlSabah is committed to philanthropic excellence when advancing mental health resilience of Arab women affected by war and violence. The Intisar Foundation’s mission – psychologically healing Arab women suffering from traumatic experiences through the use of drama therapy – is directly linked to her vision of fostering Peace in the Arab world. HH Sheikha Intisar is a firm believer that empowering traumatised Arab women can transform them into the Arab world’s most impactful Peacemakers.


She insists that her philanthropic capital must be used effectively and for maximum impact in order to bring about systemic sustainable change for Arab women.


Intisar Foundation aims to serve as a hub for actionable knowledge to catalyse the empowerment of Arab women by (1) providing psychological support programmes of drama therapy to Arab women impacted by trauma of war and violence, (2) conducting rigorous in-house research on the impact of its work in order to offset the significant dearth of research in the field of drama therapy in the Arab world and (3) supporting the education of new female Arab drama therapists.


Each of these strategic goals is directed towards achieving the foundation’s One Million Arab Women initiative, a 30-year plan to alleviate psychological trauma in one million Arab women affected by the brutality of war and violence through the use of drama therapy.


It is HH Sheikha Intisar AlSabah’s hope that the inner Peace ignited in these women will filter through the rest of the Arab world.

Hear Her Words: Our #OneMillionArabWomen For Peace

“I felt like something was cleansing me from within, I hurt a lot, I cried a lot, but I also grew a lot with the use of Drama Therapy ”

Manal, One of our One Million Arab Women


“My personality became stronger, more resilient and the world is not always a sad place”

Noura, One of our One Million Arab Women


“I am stronger; I want to do what I love to do. I told my husband about what we do in the sessions without fear. My choices are in my control, no one can block my aspirations”

Farida, One of our One Million Arab Women


“I used to be so angry all of the time when my daughter would ask me for a glass of water I would slap her. After joining the Drama Therapy sessions, I realize she is just thirsty”

Arwa, One of our One Million Arab Women


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