The only Foundation focused on providing

Drama Therapy

to Women Affected By War


Peace and Empowerment

Our work focuses on the keystone of the Arab societies. We work with women affected by war trauma. Our approach is a healing combination of theater and psychology that delves into their hearts and souls to step into the woman they want themselves to be. By empowering them and uplifting their abilities they will be able to voice their power and take lead on their own lives, their families, their communities, and eventually the Arab world at large.


The Drama Therapy tool encompasses the use of theater techniques and activities to help healing mental trauma of women affected by war. By using these techniques in safe, private group setting with women, performed by drama therapists in the Arab world, our 1 million Arab women can tell  their stories, express their feelings, and reach a point of catharsis relief. Intisar foundation is the only foundation focusing on healing women mentally and psychologically through the use of Drama Therapy, when mental health is needed the most to women in the Arab region.

“I felt like something was cleansing me from within, I hurt a lot, I cried a lot, but I also grew a lot with the use of Drama Therapy ”

Manal, One of our One Million Arab Women


“My personality became stronger, more resilient and the world is not always a sad place”

Noura, One of our One Million Arab Women


“I am stronger; I want to do what I love to do. I told my husband about what we do in the sessions without fear. My choices are in my control, no one can block my aspirations”

Farida, One of our One Million Arab Women


“I used to be so angry all of the time when my daughter would ask me for a glass of water I would slap her. After joining the Drama Therapy sessions, I realize she is just thirsty”

Arwa, One of our One Million Arab Women


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